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2019 Short Course @ APSA

The Methods Studio—Workshop, followed by “Crit”

Wednesday, Washington, DC

2019 workshop topic: Discourse Analysis

Sponsor: Interpretive Methodologies & Methods Conference-related Group

Rina Williams, University of Cincinnati
Peregrine Schwartz-Shea, University of Utah

“The studio is a unique setting which, while preparing students to practice the profession of architecture, is also a locus of discourse on, and of, the field of architecture. …[The] ‘crit’…is the basic, most fundamental component of studio instruction…” (pp. 225-26, Gabriela Goldschmidt, “Expert knowledge or creative spark? Predicaments in design education.” Proceedings, 6th Design Thinking Research Symposium, University of Technology, Sydney, 11-13 November 2003, 221-33). 

Substitute “political science” for “architecture” in the quote above, and you have The Methods Studio Short Course. It has two parts:  a workshop and a “crit,” described below. The focus of this year’s workshop (Part I) is discourse analysis; Eric Blanchard (SUNY Oswego) will lead the session. Following that, the “crit” (Part II) will entail discussion of interpretive methods in works in progress, selected via application.

Part I [1.30-3.30] Workshop: Discourse Analysis

Workshop leader
    Eric Blanchard, SUNY Oswego

Peregrine Schwartz-Shea (American; research methods), University of Utah
Rina Williams

[description forthcoming]

References and *planned course readings

3.30-3.50 Break

Part II [3.50-5.30] “Crit”: Exploring research projects [open topic]
This part of the Methods Studio adapts what is known in architectural teaching and practice as a “crit.” Three researchers, selected in advance through application [see below], will present their projects, focusing on questions about the research methods they are using and/or the ways they have written their methods sections. A group of more experienced researchers from a range of subfields and interpretive methods backgrounds will lead the discussion, but the intention is to draw also on the comments and questions of others in attendance, such that the discussion serves to educate all. Like the Methods Café, the Crit entails teaching and learning through discussion and example, rather than through lecture; but the Crit enables more prolonged engagement with each presented research project. It emphasizes supportive critique, with an eye toward publication and reviewers’ reactions.

Crit leaders, in addition to Workshop “staff” and organizers

Researchers presenting their work for discussion



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